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Matt Baumann

Hello, my name is Matt Baumann and I am the Co-Owner of 24.

I have lived around the Carthage area my entire life, I attended high school there, and got my bachelor’s degree from Missouri Southern State University. I started 24 because I have a passion for working out and being healthy. I love the feeling of accomplishment you get after a great workout or cardio session and I am continually striving to improve myself. I was overweight as a child and struggled on my fitness journey for many years. I have made every mistake I can think of when it comes to learning and understanding exercise and nutrition, so I know where new members are coming from when they join and I try to help them understand the lifestyle. Because to be effective, fitness must be considered a lifestyle and I want to provide a place that can help others transition into that lifestyle and improve their overall health. This is my true passion and I am excited to dedicate my life to helping others discover their new lifestyle.

Mat Ball

Hi, my name is Mathew Ball and I am co-owner of 24 Twenyfour/Elite 24hr Gym.

I grew up in Southwest Missouri, I attended high school in Carthage, and I graduated from Lighthouse Christian Academy. With my love of sports and competition, I’ve always shared a love for fitness, but it wasn’t until later in life that I truly fell in love with it and discovered a passion for helping others to achieve their goals. In January of 2011 I went under the knife for a multi-level spinal fusion due to an injury that I had suffered while farming. My weight climbed to 389lbs and I was at well over 50% body fat after surgery due to depression, bad eating habits, and not being able to work hard and be active on the farm like I had before. I then decided to make a change for my family. I went up to 24 in Carthage and became a member. I continued my rehab on my own and started dieting, making all the mistakes one can. Name a diet and I’ve probably tried it. Though I am still not perfect, nor where I want to be, I am striving daily to be better and am under 300lbs with about 25% body fat. I fell in love with this gym and its members and over time I decided this was the “thing” that I wanted to spend my days doing. Long story short-er lol, I left farming and pursued the gym business, as it happens, I landed in a partnership in 24 by opening the first Joplin location, since then, we have expanded even further, landing us where we are now. I love what I do and what we stand for: Honest fair prices, clean facilities, multiple locations, 24-hour access, free tanning, and a getaway for the everyday person looking to change something about themselves.