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Do I get access to all locations? Where are the locations?2024-01-13T11:12:25-06:00

YES! All members have 24 hour access to ALL locations 365 days a year. We have two locations in Joplin, and one in Carthage, Webb City, and Monett.

How old do you have to be to access the gym?2024-01-13T11:14:34-06:00

You must be 18 to sign up for a membership.
Ages 16-18 can have a parent/guardian sign them up.
Ages 12-16 can be gym members but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian that is also a member.

How do I cancel?2024-01-13T11:15:06-06:00

All cancellations are done in person at the club. If you’re still inside your initial year there’s a 30 day notice and a $24 cancellation fee, per person. If you’re outside your year there is just a 30-day notice.

Can I bring a guest?2024-01-13T11:16:30-06:00

All members are allowed to bring a guest for a $10 day pass, you will just sign them in on the guest sheet and we can charge the card on file or the guest can pay cash in the drop box. They must sign in.

How much is a day pass?2024-01-13T11:17:02-06:00

Day passes are $10 and must be purchased and used during staffed hours unless coming with a member after hours. All day passes must sign in on the guest sheet and pay a day pass.

Is there a day where I can bring a guest for free?2024-01-13T11:17:39-06:00

Mondays during staffed hours, & you must sign them in on the guest sheet.

Can I add anyone to my membership?2024-01-13T11:18:05-06:00

Starting October 1st, 2022, all memberships will be single memberships only.

Do you offer silver sneakers/similar memberships?2024-01-13T11:18:40-06:00

We are partnered with Silver Sneakers and several other insurances to provide gym memberships. Please contact your insurance provider to find out which program is offered to you and find out your member ID to bring into the club to get set up.

Do you offer personal training?2024-01-13T11:23:56-06:00

We have multiple personal trainers that specialize in multiple different areas. Send us a message with your information and we would love to get you set up with a complimentary consultation with one.

Do all locations have childcare?2024-01-13T11:21:02-06:00

Only our Northpark location has childcare, which can be added to your membership at any time.

Are there special amenities? (tanning, sauna, etc)2024-01-13T11:21:27-06:00

All locations offer tanning and locker room amenities. Additionally, Northpark, our largest location, offers a red light therapy bed, and saunas.

Are we affiliated with 24hr Fitness?2024-01-13T11:22:48-06:00

No. Our official name is Twentyfour/ Elite 24hr Gym, and we are a locally owned and operated business with 5 locations in Southwest Missouri. We are not associated with a national franchise.


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Tara Smith “I started my fitness journey back in 2013, I weighed 238 lbs. I decided it was time to get control of my weight, so some of my friends and I decided to join 24.”
– Megan Letts

Simon Chel ” I got back into lifting heavy for the 1st time since high school and have gotten up to 180 lbs at 10% Body Fat. My goal now is to lean bulk up to 200 lbs and keep abs in sight.”
– Derek Nicols

Jen Wirth “In 6 years, I found weight lifting and hiit cardio to target my fat and build lean muscle. It has been a hard intense effort but worth every minute I invested in myself at the gym!”
– Jerry Myers

Jeff Glum “​I have been a member at 4 other gyms in the area over the past 10 years. 24 is by far the best all around gym there is. You can’t beat the price and equipment.”
– Sam Stamate

“24 Elite has awesome facilities, brand new equipment and a great staff.”

Mica Lovell

24 Gym Member

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