“Starting out in 2006 I was a Webb city football player and a lineman at 5’7 225 but I didn’t necessarily feel overweight, I lifted 5 days a week and ran sprints nearly everyday at football. At the end of my senior year I had a baby so I graduated at semester and took on 2 jobs, one of which was a pizza place and within 1 year I had gotten up to 280 lbs juggling a kid, 2 jobs, and college. That lasted from 2007 to 2010. Then the breaking point for me was a divorce/job loss in February 2010. I started by doing p90x in a home gym and running outside maybe a couple of times a week, I cut out soda and tried not eating out but other than that didn’t care too much about diet. It worked well and I felt fine going all the way down to a skinny fat 175 lbs and remained there from March 2011-2015 continuing p90x and running up to 6 miles at a time a couple of days a week. Then in March 2015 I went to Complete Nutrition and had my body fat analysis ran that said I was 29% body fat at 174 lbs. I started right then and there researching everyday meal prep ideas and cut out all kinds of bad carbs and jacked up my protein intake. With a strict diet and p90x/running I went from 174 at29% Body Fat in March of 2015 to 155 lbs at 13% Body Fat by August 2015. I was super depressed by my 155 lb body. I had abs for the 1st time of my life but felt like a child and puny. That’s when I signed up for 24 Elite. I got back into lifting heavy for the 1st time since high school and have gotten up to 180 lbs at 10% Body Fat. My goal now is to lean bulk up to 200 lbs and keeps abs in sight.”