My story from fat to fit started at a whopping 311 pounds just a short 6 years ago. In that time I found weight lifting and hit cardio to target my fat and build lean muscle. It has been a hard intense effort but worth every minute I invested in myself at the gym! I love my new found body and personal confidence and freedom. During this journey I found the perfect place to sweat and lift my cares away at 24 Elite Gym. I have enjoyed getting to know all the staff and wonderful people who make dreams happen through this amazing 24 hour facility! I am a salesman by trade and sometimes finding gym time before or after work can be difficult in a normal gym because of limited hours. Because of 24 Elite Gym I have the right equipment available 24/7 and just the right amount of encouragement from the staff to stay in peak physical condition year round! I love this place! Thank you 24 Elite Gym and staff for helping me achieve my personal goals and dreams!​