Logan Montgomery

I’m a head trainer at 24 Elite and a men’s physique competitor. I love helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and training. I’m all about improving the quality of life. The best part of my job is seeing clients gain confidence and self-esteem and get off medications!

I’m very passionate about bodybuilding. I compete in men’s physique and train everyone from bikini competitors to bodybuilders. Everything I ask my competitors to do is something that will never sacrifice their long-term health. Also being a competitor myself I will never ask a competitor to do something I haven’t already done personally.

Nutrition Coaching

$125 per month
Weekly check-ins

Workout Programming

$50 per month

Online Coaching

$250 per month.
Weekly check-ins. Nutrition coaching and workout programming included

Online Comp Prep

$250 per month.
Weekly check-ins for the entire prep.

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